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we sell and service copiers and printers on the Sunshine Coast

Westview Office Technology has been the only Sunshine Coast based print solutions provider since 2012!


We sell and service the industry’s top brands of copiers, printers, and multifunction devices, with local service for the entire Sunshine Coast, from Gibsons all the way to Lund, including Texeda Island.


We offer both traditional equipment leases with cost-per-copy service agreements, as well as complete Managed Print Services solutions, with one low monthly cost that covers everything but the paper! We’ll work with you to understand your current workflows and print volumes, then create a custom solution for your business to streamline workflows where possible, and minimize your cost of printing.

Living and doing business on the Sunshine Coast is a dream for most, but it can have its logistical challenges. That’s why you need a Sunshine Coast based partner who understands the need for reliable copiers and printers, as well as the ability and willingness to take ferries into account when delivering on promised services. That’s Westview Office Tech! We started on the Sunshine Coast, and even though we’re growing and expanding, we haven’t lost sight of our core market. Don’t let your business be treated as an afterthought by the big guys in the Lower Mainland. Let us help you get the reliable equipment and service you deserve!

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