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Small Business digital and print marketing services

Small Business Marketing Solutions

We are now proud to offer a wide range of marketing solutions for small businesses. Everything from web design and SEO strategies, to Google ads, Facebook ads, print media ads, and more!  At Westview Office Technology, we can help you develop smart creative strategies to fit any budget!

It starts with a great website. If your potential customers can’t see you at the top of the Google search results, your site will receive substantially less traffic, and your business will be very difficult for them to find. On the second page of Google’s results? You may as well not even exist as far as they are concerned!

Think web design is about colours and fonts? Think again!

Google ranks you on their search results page based on a proprietary algorithm that looks at several aspects of your website, including load speed, H1 headers, alt texts, keywords and phrases, and mobile friendliness, to name just a few. The higher your score, the higher you rank on their search results page.

There are many websites out there that look stunning, with beautiful images or videos and compelling messages, but they rank very low because the back end infrastructure of their site is lacking key elements. The result is that it’s very difficult for potential customers to find them, unless they know to search for a specific business name or website.

We can design a beautiful, responsive website with all the back end setup that Google actually looks at, while still keeping that visual WOW factor!

Create a Unified Visual Brand

Your brand is more than just a logo. Everything your customers see should have a unified look and feel, from your website, to your business cards, brochures, ads, and stationary. We can help you create your brand and showcase it to the world!